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Waist clinches and waspies are some type of wide, laced belts with elastic fabric and soft plastic stiffeners. The ribbon corset is made of pieces of ribbon, as opposed to fabric. During early years, a simple pattern of silk ribbon, two bones and a busk was available for allowing women for constructing their own ribbon corsets.

A waist cincher is some type of corset that is designed for waist compression and in creating a flat abdominal region and waist cincher corsets that are specifically designed for focusing on supporting the waist alone. It is also referred to as compression underwear or shape wear.

Waist cincher as a term is used for defining those shaping garments, which should be targeting the abdomen specifically and where the similarity to corsets ends. A waist cincher would usually shave an inch or two from the waistline while you are wearing it and is designed for providing some slimming affect underneath the clothes by women.

A pseudo-ribbon corset is just like a ribbon corset but should be made from cut cloth instead of ribbons and is the outside seam of the cut cloth that should be sewn fine and while the tight inside seam is sewn plain and curved.

There are a number of modern fashions that should resemble the styles of the past. The wide elastic belts result to actual modern corset styles and the trend and styling of the past from wide plastic belts to actual modern corset styles.

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