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This is real time game, player versus player. This makes it more intriguing and challenging, especially for boys. You play against another person, a live man, you strive to defeat him, to gain victory, to prove your strength and you make real relationship with other players, not the computer. The emotions of both sides are real.

Main procedure

A player has minions, in a battle the player can use only 8 minions. The most interesting is the balance, which 8 ones will a player decide to choose. These minions in the game are called cards. There are different types of cards: troop, building… They have levels that can be increased in clash royale hack along with the experience, they have other characteristics too. During the battle the main goal is to take the opponents minions and defend its own. For this reason, each player is given Elixir that expires and then refills. Some portion of elixir is needed to involve one of your minions in the battle. Once they are killed you can use them again after some time. After each won battle new cards can be gained. There are also battle arenas and new arenas can be open.

In Practice

I don’t know whether one can understand the game only by reading the article, but I think the reader will get the general impression and a will to try and play the game. In practice, it is very easy to play and get used to. Almost in an hour you will think that you are already a professional.

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