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Driving has always been taken well in the world of gaming. But can such a complicated set of actions is possible with only a few simple taps? This is really some query but the answer came with the release of the racing rivals. This awesome game produces the exact gaming experience in your android that one can have in the computer based games. And with the availability of real racing rivals hack 3 at present, the games become all the more enjoyable.

The racing game

Racing Rivals is governed by simple and straightforward actions. No need to steer. You do not brake or anything else likewise. Simply change gears at the right times and win fairly easily. Though it sounds weird but it is the reality. The game gives a great ambience for you to emerge in the world of racing. You can play with some amazing cars in the game. They are

  • Dodge,
  • Acura
  • BMW,
  • McLaren,
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ford
  • Subaru
  • RWB and
  • Scion

There are many more cars that are going to join in the queue of recent future.

How to play

Playing the game is really easy. Have to time your taps to the shift button. It is easy to hit the first shift off the line. Wait for the accurate moment to hit it the 2nd 3rd and 4th time. It is a thing that takes a little practice. The feeling is just like shifting in a real car. To carry on with the game one requires the coins and these coins are really hard to gain. Gaining the coins becomes harder as the lever goes up.

The coins

That is why you need to go to real racing rivals hack 3. In their online store one can gain access to unlimited coins, gems and bonuses. The site remains open 24 hours of the day. So play with the unlimited cash and have unlimited fun

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