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Some of the essential factors that need proper consideration while choosing Farfetch promo code include: how to get hold of free transport services, forms of payment deemed acceptable by the service brand and the Farfetch policy on the return of goods.

Farfetch Transport Services

Here, the various products available for purchase and sale through the service are located from all over the world and there exists no particular price on matters dealing with shipping. Costs of delivery are calculated according to the weight and the size of the commodity, and the customers transport location. Interestingly, packages are transported through use of delivery companies such as DHL, Express and also UPS. Customers are therefore able to estimate the transport costs and time required for delivery of each product.

Forms of Payment

The service accepts the following forms of payments: PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners club. Hence, online shoppers can choose the type of payment suitable to them. Note that such forms of purchase should be constant and registered with a specific bank of a financial entity to avoid unwanted complications while buying a particular item.

The Return Policy

One of the benefits associated with using FarFetch coupons is that if products do not match certain requirements specified during purchase, customers are allowed to return them back to the boutique. However, this should take a maximum of fourteen days. In addition, it is advisable that the process of reviewing a certain commodity commences within the first seven days. The sole purpose behind such a measure is to ensure that the returned commodity arrives in good time.

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