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Choosing the best weed killer may also depend on the method of their usage. In the United States, such products are available in a variety of forms and similarly, bear huge differences in their modes of application. Careful research shows the following findings:

Liquid Pesticides

Such substances are normally used in minimal amounts and farmers may apply them using a simple hand sprayer. One may also choose to mix the substance with water before its eventual application.

Granular Herbicides or Weed Killers

These are some of the best herbicides in the United States market today. They mostly exist in solid form and are established on unwanted plant materials using centrifugal spreaders.

Soap Salts

These pesticides consist of two ingredients. Such include ammonium and potassium salts found in fatty acids. They are contact and non-selective herbicides which are applied for the complete and total eradication of elements such as algae and moss. Such unwanted plant elements are mostly found in sunken landscape surfaces, concrete corridors and pavements, and patio bedrocks or surfaces.

Organic Herbicides

It is important to bear in mind that such weed killers consist of acids and oils such as clove oil, garlic oil, acetic acid, lauryl sulfate, and citric acid. Hence, many refer to them as contact pesticides.


Use of the most appropriate weed killer is essential so as to guarantee the maintenance and control of unwanted plant materials in one’s garden or home area. It is, therefore highly recommended to apply only the product that goes hand in hand with one’s specifications and needs. It is only through such measures that would eventually translate to great and fruitful results.

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