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I know you are wondering how you will actually get the beats that you purchase online. This is a post that will tell how you may buy Beats”, “Rap Beats for Sale. There are 4 top ways to get online beats. In almost all cases while you purchase beats you get them after they are digitally shipped.

Ways to get beats purchased online

  • Manual emailing: most amateur producers use this kind of method. They write on their sites that once you purchase beats you will receive it within 12 hours. This actually means once they confirm your invoice, they will email you the beat.
  • Automated emailing: professional producers prefer this method. Once you have sent your payment they do send you an automatic download link of the beat. “instant download”
  • Instant downloading page: this is one way to automatically get your beat. Once you have sent the payment, you will be taken to a special page to download the beat. “Instant download”
  • Snail mail: this is where you purchase an exclusive license to the beat. You will receive DVD from the producers and individual files. These beats are custom made for you and they may be delivered within 2 to 3 days. The producers ensure that you get your beats even if technical issues arise. You also need to make a follow up of the feedback from the producers to be sure that they are working on the beats and when it will be delivered to you.

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