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Two military academies are located in Washington. They are Eastern Washington University and Washington Youth Academy. The Eastern Washington University, US is a home for the Fighting Eagle Battalion. The academy has enrolled 12,000 students with almost 830 faculties. The academy is an army reserve officers training corps unit that conduct classes for students to pursue careers in ROTC. The academy has been producing exceptional second lieutenant since 1952. The military science department conducts basic and advanced classes for students who are interested in attending an ROTC program. The cadets have to learn military skills inside and outside the classroom. The Vermont Academy organizes field training exercise for cadets and they help to develop leadership skills among students. It is very important each cadets participate in a physical fitness program because this would help them to be a part of fighting Eagle Battalion. The military science department provides all required training and education that helps cadets to succeed in their life. Students have to attend leadership laboratories weekly as a part of their educational curriculum.

The Washington Youth Academy in Bremerton is a state run military boarding school for teenagers aged from 16 to 18. The academy has structured educational program to bring success in each cadet life. The provide admission to troubled teenagers and they have to stay in school campus until their studies are over. In the first 20 weeks, the Academy conducts a residential program with strict military schedule. During this program, the student has to be self disciplined. After 20 weeks, students get a chance to visit their home. Later on cadets keep in contact with a mentor for the following 12 months. During this time period, students can either work or can join any diploma programs. The Washington Youth Academy conducts free programs for students and almost 800 students are enrolled there. The youth academy has 100 faculties to teach students. The main aim of this academy is to train troubled students so that they become a successful individual in the

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