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Among the many kinds of games that are played frequently by millions around the world, there are some games that are definitively popular among old and new gamers alike precisely because of their simplicity and thrill. Among the various genres of gaming, racing games will surely take the cake as one of the most favourite genre of games among the gamers. Be it the NFS series or the simple road rush, these games have often been the beginning of the gaming careers for many a gamers.

Among other things, racing games are nowadays coming with a full-fledged storyline, first introduced by the game Most Wanted by NFS. It is widely regarded as the most popular game in the history of racing games. When a storyline is introduced, you get to play the various races with diverse opponents and you climb your way up in the gangster circuit. In fact, some of the characters have become legends of gaming history such as the famous character Mia.

While this is the classical model, racing games have evolved through the ages in terms of exciting and innovative graphics and new narratives. In fact, following NFS, quite a few enterprises have come up with superlative racing games such as burnout paradise etc. Among the recent sensations, Asphalt 8 has made its name because of its availability across mobile platforms and its widespread popularity as a simple but exciting racing game. In fact, if you are running out of fuel or lives, you can resort to hacks like clash royale hack and many other hacks.

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