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After every battle in the clash royale game a player gets chest which may be gold chest, silver chest and magical chest. But there is a more to it and there is a complete theory behind the type of chest a player gets after winning a battle. Let`s shed a look at it.

There is always a chest cycle or a chest order in every game of clash royale. In fact the game clash royale, there is list according to which a player receives chest. Here are two small notes relating to getting chests in the game:

  • Initially a player would always get 6 wooden chest in the game, in the training session
  • The list in total contains 240 chests in total, followed by 52 chests in gold, 4 silver giant chest and 4 magical chest.

This list of chests of clash royale chest cycle has been released lately on 30th December 2016.  It is pre determined on the level of consistency of a player whether he would get the chest. How about the legendary chest? How would a player get a legendary chest?

  • To get the legendary chest in the clash royal you will have to hit 2000 trophies.
  • Below he arena 9, you are definitely guaranteed a Legendary chest in every 2 cycle

In arena,9 a player is always guaranteed a Legendary chest in every chest cycle. The chest on n random basis replaces the clash royale chest.

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