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It is not easy comprehending the books on mindfulness. For this, you have to start reading from the beginning to go to the depth of the dharma philosophy. You can start things with simple meditation. This will help you understand the teachings from the core. You even have the best mindfulness books written by Thich Nhat Hanh. He is the best person to write the Buddhist books for the beginners. This way one makes Buddhism a practice in life. Once you read the book you are sure to become a fan of the author and you can even understand the best depth of the Buddhist dharma. You have the book called The Miracle of Mindfulness. This is the first book to tell you about the concept and the usefulness of meditation. As part of the book, you can learn about mindfulness and in the way you can follow the pragmatic tips to create a scope for Buddhist practice in life.

The author has written Peace is Every Step and this is the popular book on mindfulness. In this book, you are explained how you can make Buddhist practice a part of your life. In fact, peace prevails in everything you do, from the washing of the dishes to the peeling of the oranges. This is what the book explains. Thich Nhat Hanh explains the stories to help you know in details regarding the concept of mindfulness. You can read the stories and this way you come to know how to peep inside the soul with all goodness and sincerity.

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